For the first time since its current creation, Luke Slater is opening up Spacestation Ø Studio to the world offering some classic and creative services.

Over the years Luke has amassed a huge collection of classic, modern and boutique high-end gear that he has used on every record he’s released.


From digital mastering to mixing to esoteric creative signal processing.


Luke along with renowned mixing engineer and producer Sie Medway Smith, has created a menu

of services guaranteed to be of interest to modern electronic artists and creative industry people.

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For all enquiries contact Sie on






In the Box, Out of the Box, Hybrid, Stem Mastering Option Zoom attendance optional extra.
Mastering is offered by Luke on club-based music. The music will be bought up to a level Luke uses for his own productions whilst keeping the dynamic quality exemplify. We offer two resulting files for each track, standard. Where the result is not pushed to the extreme in loudness terms. Then an additional version that is pushed to a level for playing in clubs and big venues. You may choose from in the box mastering and analogue mastering for the session beforehand. Or a mix of the two (Hybrid). Mastering Music away from the club scene is headed up by Sie with the same options.


Mixing Services - In the Box, Out of the Box, Hybrid Options.
Zoom attendance optional extra.
Sie heads up the mixing duties and offers his extensive experience, having mixed records over his career for the likes of Björk, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Goldie and Unkle to name a few. The Spacestation is flexible and set up for both analogue and in the box mixing as required. The Spacestation includes 4 sets of monitors using Barefoot MM12’s as the main monitors and Trinnovs Speaker correction system to ensure exact results. Head to the gear list here.


Processing Services - Run your stems through the outboard.
Zoom attendance optional extra.
The Spacestation hosts such a suite of analogue and software equipment we have decided that an interesting option would be to offer the chance to have your track run through a piece of analogue gear of your choice. Whether you would like your track or stem, recorded to a studer a80 quarter-inch tape machine or run through the analogue solution colossus circuits or even a mini moog. There are many creative offerings and possibilities to process. Just have a look at the inventory list to whet your appetite.


Replace your plugins! Send us your midi files and we can play them back through an array of monster synths, samplers and drum machines of your choosing. Recorded down, bounced and sent back as WAV/ AIFF. Outboard treatment options are available. The Spacestation has a suite of classic samplers, many are now known and used as a way to process breaks and samples, usually to degrade the bit rate to Lofi. Coupled with their original circuitry the result is something hard to create with software. See the list of samplers. A lot of the classic equipment in the studio is vintage, some around 40 years old and is kept continually serviced to keep them at original standards with original parameters. Luke admits to being obsessive about having the machines working as they should be.


Book a day or half-day in the studio. Optional extra to attend online via Zoom. It’s now possible to book all these options whilst being in attendance through a Zoom call. We route the Spacestation's audio straight to you in real-time so you can in essence be at an attended session in the studio. You hear the audio as it is produced live whilst having mic contact with Sie and/or Luke!


Try out your dream synths! Book a slot and join us via Zoom and try out different synths and outboard gear. You hear the audio as it is produced live whilst having mic contact with Sie and/or Luke.


Edit and mix your podcasts to professional broadcast formats and level. Zoom attendance optional extra.


Both Luke and Sie offer a range of services focusing on a range of topics. Whether you're looking to improve your DAW skills, Analogue hardware skills, production or mixing to writing, mentoring, physiology of creation and music, creativeness in music. Feel free to have a chat with us about your needs. We also offer 3 bespoke packages , each running for 1 month , 1 lesson per week.
Course 1 BEGINNERS (1 month course £750 ).

Lesson 1 - DAW beginners tutorial (Ableton Live or Logic) .
Lesson 2 - Mixing for beginners .
Lesson 3 - Basic synthesis /Sampling for beginners .
Lesson 4 - Effects for beginners . ------------ Course 2 - INTERMEDIATE (1 month course £950 )
Lesson 1 - More advanced daw techniques , Side chaining ,Track grouping (Drum buss processing ) ,Building vocal chains .
Lesson 2 - Mixing techniques ,Sends and Returns .
Lesson 3 - More advanced synthesis and drum machine crafting.
Lesson 4 - Chaining effects ,Automation basics ,Automating effects . ------------ Course 3 - ADVANCED (1 month course £1250 ).
Lesson 1 - Advanced DAW options , Automation, External instruments , Resampling .
Lesson 2 - Advanced mixing and gain staging ,Compressor types and uses ,Limiters , Creating depth with effects
Lesson 3 - Advanced synth techniques with digital and analogue ,Hardware integration .

Lesson 4 - Mix production to Pre-mastering/mastering .




Console Audient ASP8024HE -- Audio interfaces Burl Audio mothership interface Antelope Orion 32+ Trinnov ST2Pro speaker and room correction -- Monitoring Barefoot MM12 monitors NS10m monitors PSI A21 monitors Adam P11 Monitors -- Tape Machines Studer A80 Quater inch master Tascam DA 3000 master recorder -- Dynamics Thermionic Culture Pheonix Mastering Plus Wes Audio 76 x2 Thermionic Culture Rooster 2 stereo valve processor Analogue Design Black Box HG-2 Valve processor Bettermaker Mastering Limiter Drawmer 1976 Multiband saturation processor Warm audio WA76 limiter API 2500 Compressor Rolls Super Stereo Smart Research C2 Drawmer 1973 Multipressor Empirical labs El8x distressor with Brit Mod TL Audio vp 5051 valve channel strip -- 500 series Rack 2x SSL VHD PRE 2x ROger Mayer 456HD Elysia XFIlter EQ Wes Audio Dione Compressor Elysia Xpressor Compressor Elysia NVelope processor Elysia Karakter Distortion Zahl EQ1 stereo eq 2x SSL 611 EQ 2x Kush audio Electra EQ -- EQ Pulse Techniques Pultec EQP-1S x2 Drawmer 1978 Stereo compressor and saturation Alan Smart C2 compressor API 2500 Compressor Thermionic Culture Pheonix Mastering Compressor Rolls Super Stereo Compressor Drawmer 1973 Multiband Compressor Chandler Curve Bender Stereo EQ Maag EQ4 stereo EQ Overstayer Modular Channel Stereo Gyraf Gyratec XIV EQ Neve 1073PDX Stereo Channel strip API 5500 stereo EQ TC Electronic 2290 fx TLAudio EQ2 stereo valve EQ Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture 15 distortion unit -- Outboard Effect Reverbs Evans Echopet EP100 reverb Korg AM8000 Reverb Alesis Midiverb 3 Vermona VSR.2 spring reverb Boss RX100 reverb unit -- Delays Korg DL8000 Delay Roland RE-201 Analogue Tape Delay Delta Lab Electron II delay Audio thingies Doctar A reverb and delay Bel BD-80 Digital Delay Roland EF303 TC Electronics TC2290 -- Multi Effects/ Filters Eventide DSP4000 FX unit Boss SE50 FX unit Alesis quadraveerb Ensoniq DP4+ fx Jomox Reonator 2 fx Vermona Filter Lancet Mutronics Mutator stereo Filter TC Electronic Fireworx Lexicon Vortex -- Drum Machines 909 808 727 707 606 Jomox 888 Nava 909 Roland CR8000 Oberheim DX Casion RZ1 Sequntinal Drumtraks VErmona DRMk III -- Synth 303 Analogue Solutions Colossus Various Modular bits Buchla Easel Mini Moog 1970’s Korg MS10 Arp Oddesey Korg Korg Monopoly Access Virus B Prophet X JD800 Jupiter 6 Alesis A6 Oberheim OB8 Roland JD990 Roland D550 Waldorf microwave 2 Roland MKS30 Roland TX81Z Studio Electronics ATC-1 Kawai K4 Electron - AnalogueRYTM , Octotrack, Quadfour,mono machine The Covenant Yamaka DX200 SH101 SH09 DX100 Yamaha Synare 3 SH01 Dave Smith mono Evolver Arturia Matrixbrute Yamaha dx7II Dx21 Speak and spell Teenage Engineering op-1 -- Samplers Ensoniq mirage Roland SP303 Akai S950 Akai S3000 Emu E6400 AKai S612 Prohpet 2002 plus Tasty Chips GR-1 Granular -- Microphones Rode NT1A x2 Vintage SeinheiserMD 421-2 Shure SM57 x2 ElectroVoice RE15 Audix D6 plus various drum mics -- Software Logic Pro Ableton live Pro Tools Cubase Waves UAD